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What are the working hours for Akmerkez? How about holidays or special days?

Akmerkez is open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 22:00. It is open from 13:00 to 22:00 on the first day of the New Year and on other religious holidays.

Do you provide checkroom and concierge services?

Akmerkez Concierge+ team is at your service for the safekeeping of your belongings at our checkroom services as well as booking, shopping, style consulting and many other inquiries. For more information call Akmerkez Concierge+ at +90(212) 282 01 94.

How can I learn about upcoming events?

You can learn about upcoming events <a href="etkinlik-takvimi">here</a>. You can call us at +90(212) 282 01 70 to get more information on the event schedule.

Do you organize events for kids?

Akmerkez hosts its little guests at various fun yet informative events that encourage creativity. You can follow our events here.

How can I learn more about the booth areas and conditions of rent at Akmerkez? I want to work at a store at Akmerkez. What should I do?

Akmerkez management is not involved with the employment processes of the stores. You must apply directly to the company you wish to work for.

Which banks do have branches at Akmerkez?

Garanti Bank and Akbank have branches while Yap─▒ Kredi and HSBC offer ATMs.

How can I book movie tickets?

You can call CinemaPink at +90 (212) 282 05 05.

I have lost a personal item at Akmerkez. What should I do?

You can call Akmerkez Concierge+ at +90 (212) 282 01 94 for more information about your lost personal items.

What is the nearest metro station from Akmerkez?

To get to Akmerkez, you can use the Nispetiye Station, which is the nearest metro station.