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You are ready to think outside the box and take on a new approach to work in this modern world. Have this more social, more inspiring, more collaborative and more timeless world wrapped around your finger.

We all know that you are looking for new places where you can communicate with new people and feel positive while you work. You want to make fresh connections inspired by freedom, and work more effectively and professionally.

At Akmerkez’s Young Lions Zone, we have brought together under one roof everything you need for this new approach to work. We have created a center where people between the ages of 18 and 39 can work freely, inspire each other, and feed on life and art. Free access to the center is our cornerstone: visitors can easily join the center, forming bonds through life and art. We have provided everything that you may need while you work to keep your motivation high: tables, notebooks and pencils, freshly ground coffee, a display for your presentations, iPads and headphones with music to relax, tablets you can use to give vent to your drawing skills, books that inspire on each page, Wi-Fi and a charging unit to keep you connected with the world every second, a slide where you can come up with even more liberated ideas, and of course, you.

Because you are the greatest inspiration for this new free world.

Do you have new ideas to proclaim? We have already made your pencils and notebooks ready for you!

You need to feed your soul! iPad and headphones await you!

Do you believe in the power of freestyle drawing? You have the tablets at your elbow to work freely!

Are you in search of new inspirations to build upon? Your books are here!

Do you want to stay connected? Wi-Fi is at your service!

Do you want to be accessible anywhere? You can use the charging station anytime!

Do you feel exhausted? Then grab a cup of hot and fresh coffee right from the machine!

Do you have creative ideas? The Young Lions Zone is inspiring in every way.

Are you bored? Well, you got the slide!

Follow us, trigger your creativity!